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Let me start by saying that I was never a believer in amber teething necklaces. I always gave my friend that crazy look that I thought she had lost her mind when she tried to convince me that it helped her baby with teething.

My reasoning was simple. How could a necklace made of amber really go inside of her body and treat teething issues? It just didn’t make any sense.

I can’t say I wasn’t curious, though. Especially when I was dealing with a baby who was mad at the world because her dang teeth wouldn’t come through quick enough. The poor thing – she doesn’t do well with pain tolerance yet.

As I was holding her and trying to shush her to calm down, I typed in my phone, “raw baltic amber teething necklace.” I figured it wouldn’t hurt and no one really knows I’m searching for it.

Amber teething necklaces are all the rage at the moment, but do they really work or is it all nonsense? Jenn Sanders gave in to curiosity and gave them a go, here's what she discovered ...

All of these websites popped up selling them, but who believes those, right? They just want to sell their products.

As I scrolled down the search results and then went to the second page, I started to see forums and blogs with mothers writing about them. That’s the information I really needed.

I was amazed at how many moms were saying that it actually worked for their baby. I started to feel a little guilty for doubting my friend.

So, since all of these people really believed the necklace worked, I had to find out why. I searched amber and its benefits.

Apparently, amber has been used for centuries by Europeans and Middle Easterners. They used it more for reducing inflammation, treating colds, the flu, headaches, arthritis, and some other issues. People started to use it on babies because it’s natural, and it helps with pain relief.

It’s the succinic acid inside of the amber that helps babies. When amber is placed on the skin, the body heats it up, and the succinic acid seeps out of it. The skin absorbs it and then it enters the bloodstream. That’s when it starts to work.

So, seeing is believing. I ordered a Baltic amber teething necklace from Baltic Wonder. Baltic amber is supposed to be the best quality, and I wanted that best one out there so I had no excuses when it didn’t work.

I was happy with the experience of buying from Baltic Wonder. It was easy, and delivery was fast, so no complaints there.

I decided to put the amber teething necklace on my baby’s wrist because I couldn’t put it around her neck. I was afraid of strangulation!

I think it was the fourth day or so that I realized she was different. She was definitely much calmer and happier. Her fever was gone and her drooling had decreased. Around day 7, she was sleeping through the night and eating better. I was surprised to say the least.

I still wasn’t completely convinced it was the necklace. I really thought it was just because she was done teething for that time. I decided to leave the wristlet on her to see if she would end up with the teething troubles again.

I’m happy to report she has never had teething issues again. She’s been perfectly fine. Thank goodness. I guess the amber teething necklaces do work. Who knew?!

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