Our lives are so busy at times that it can be all too easy to focus only on the negative and tiring things that have happened during the week. To counteract this, every week I join the #HappyDaysLinky run by the lovely Katy (whatkatysaid.com) and Sian (quitefranklyshesaid.com) to reflect on all the moments of the past week that have made me happy.

This was our last week of the Easter holidays and we have crammed in loads. Here are my favourite bits:

  • On Saturday we got up super early (4:30am) and took M to The Festival of Power at Santa Pod Raceway in Northampton. It was a very long day given the long drive there and back, and it was freezing cold and extremely windy all day. But, we had the most amazing time. M has always loved cars and we have been to a number of events over the years but never anything like this. I really need to write up a post about it, but basically we watched drag-racing, including lots of jet-cars (think long plumes of flames coming out he back) and a monster truck show, and we even got to have a ride in the back of the monster truck in the picture below! It was pretty brutal and felt almost like being in a car crash over and over the way it threw you around but it was really cool and M loved it.

Happy Days Riding a Monster Truck

  • On Sunday we had a fairly lazy day at home and put on an Easter egg hunt for the kids followed by an evening of F1.

Happy Days Easter Egg Hunt

  • On Monday morning we went round to my mother-in-laws for another Easter egg hunt and then spent the afternoon at our favourite walking spot (Bollyhope Common). Each time we go L manages to walk further and further and this time we found an old abandoned mine shaft. I also managed to get a picture of the kids on ‘the rock’. I’ve been going there since I was around 6/7 and every time we visited we always had to have our picture taken on this particular rock. Since taking my kids there I’ve been dying to get them on it for a picture too but it involves crossing over the stream and its always been a bit too high. This week taught he water level was really low and we got across.

Happy Days Sitting On The Rock

  • Tuesday was my Birthday and M made me the most amazing card and ring, actually brought a tear to my eye.

Happy Days Birthday Card and Ring from M

  • We have been talking about visiting Kielder Water and Forest for a few years now and decided we would do it for my Birthday. Unfortunately the place itself (although very beautiful) was a bit of a disappointment but we still had a great day all together and it made us appreciate just how many amazing places we have right on our own doorstep.

Happy Days all Together at Kielder Water

  • On Wednesday we had a bit of a recouping day at home and L decided to turn our oldest dog Cassie into a fairy princess. She didn’t look particularly impressed but will happily lay there and let the kids do anything as long as she’s getting attention.

Happy Days L Turning Cassie into a Fairy Princess

  • On Thursday we went to York for the day. It was only about an hour in the car and then we used the park and ride service. L was beyond excited about being on a bus. York Minster was absolutely stunning. I’ve visited a few times over the years but haven’t been inside since I was about 4! M was absolutely fascinated by everything and wanted to stop and read every single inscription and sign. Having a toddler running around doesn’t really make that possible so I may have to take him back again without L. We had a lovely walk through the centre of York and along the Shambles, including an ice-cream stop. We then went on the road train to the Railway Museum. It was great there too but poor L was exhausted by that point (we didn’t have the pushchair and she had walked miles) so it was a bit of a rushed visit. She was so exhausted that she fell fast asleep within a minute of getting on the bus back to the car.

Happy Days Day Out In York

  • On Friday we went back to Richmond Castle. You can read about our last visit there here – Richmond Castle: A Great Day Out For All The Family. It was another windy visit but much warmer this time and we had the place almost to ourselves for most of it. The sun even came out for a bit while we had our picnic.

Happy Days Getting Blown Away at Richmond Castle

Today we are heading off to Hamsterley Forest with some family who are visiting and then M is going to be adding some detailing to his go-kart.

How has your week been? Do you have any nice plans for this weekend?

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3 thoughts on “Happy Days: Ending the Easter Holidays in Style

  1. The morning Monster Trucks looked fab! My boys would love those. Great to see photos of York too, my old uni city. You did loads of lovely things. Certainly was #HappyDays
    Imperfect Mum recently posted…#MummyShot Week 15My Profile

    Posted on 22 April, 2017 at 3:31 pm
  2. Happy Birthday! It sounds like a really busy week, and lovely you made t across that stream. I keep meaning to take H on a bus, I really need to before baby arrives. That monster truck is huge!!! X #happydayslinky

    Posted on 24 April, 2017 at 8:19 am
  3. Love that card and ring – how sweet!! That monster truck ride sounds terrifying haha!! Thank you so much for joining in #HappyDaysLinky xx
    Katy (What Katy Said) recently posted…Weaning With The Allergy-Free Baby and Toddler CookbookMy Profile

    Posted on 28 April, 2017 at 7:20 pm