Our lives are so busy at times that it can be all too easy to focus only on the negative and tiring things that have happened during the week. To counteract this, every week I like to reflect on all the moments of the past week that have made me happy.

Another week has flown by in the blink of an eye and I somehow managed not to take many pictures again. I really must remedy that over the next week. I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out if I’m honest and despite a to-do list longer than my arm I spent yesterday doing absolutely nothing (other than feeling guilty about not doing anything!). It’s definitely time to make some changes.

Anyway, despite the exhaustion there have been plenty of happy moments too. Here are my highlights:

  • Last Sunday we made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and in the afternoon we made Bourbon biscuits using this recipe from Donna at Bobsy’s Mum. It was great fun and the kids kept trying to steal the biscuit mix as I was rolling it out.

homemade Bourbon biscuits

  • On Sunday night M and I sat down to play the latest Board Game we received as part of the Bloggers Board Game Club. You can read the review here: Ticket To Ride. I’ll give you a hint, it was great fun and we’ve ended up playing it nearly every night this week. Despite M beating me three games in a row we’ve evened out now, until the next game 😉

Happy Days: Playing Ticket To Ride

  • One of our cats started the week with a bad limp and I had to take him to the vets. It turned out to be a cut on his leg that had become infected and swollen but all but invisible because of his long black fur. After some rather unpleasant draining and a couple of injections he’s now back to normal and I’ve been enjoying lots of cuddles on the sofa with him.
  • On Monday morning L was really excited about going back to pre-school and wanted to go at 8am (it doesn’t start till 9am). Id been worried the half-term break would have set her back so this was great to hear. She had a bit of blip on Wednesday and Friday morning and didn’t want to go again, but when I picked her up on Friday she was full of beans and half way home she wanted to turn round and go back to play with her friends again.
  • On Tuesday I spent the entire day in the kitchen. Normally the sort of thing that fills me with dread (especially the cleaning after), but I actually enjoyed it. I carved my first ever pumpkins and used the insides to make Pumpkin Pie (something none of us had ever tried but M had requested) and pumpkin and chocolate chip muffins. The carving and the muffins were a hit, I’m not so sure about the pie. The flavours were good but it had the consistency of egg custard (I’ve been told that’s normal) which I hate. M bless him tried to make out it was lovely because he knew how long I’d spent making it for him but I could tell he didn’t like it from the very first bite so told him it as ok to be honest and leave it, which he did.

Happy Days: pumpkin carving, baking and trick or treating

  • Tuesday being Halloween we went round to the in-laws for tea (taking the pie and muffins with us) where they had laid on a treasure hunt for the kids and their grandad took them both trick or treating down their street. When we got back we went trick or treating round by us as well and we all had a great time, everyone was really in the spirit of it this year and it was lovely. Poor L was exhausted by the end though as I’m sure you can tell by the picture above, and the wind blew her hat off the minute we stepped outside so had to leave it at home.
  • I’ve had some more great brands agree to take part in my Christmas gift guides (first one is out next week!).
  • The burnout feeling started on Wednesday afternoon and I decided to sit down and write out everything I was expecting myself to complete on a weekly basis along with an estimate for how long each task should take. Then I wrote down all the times during each day when I was able to work. Turns out I’ve been trying to fit 37 hours worth of tasks into less than 18 hours of available time, no wonder I feel like I’m always treading water. I’m now making a commitment to cutting down and refocusing and it’s feeling quite liberating. Fingers crossed I can stick to it.
  • Last night L came and sat on my lap to drink her milk before bed and we had a really long cuddle in front of the tv and it was just what I needed. I’m usually busy sorting out the kitchen or doing other jobs while she drinks her milk and this was another reminder that I need to slow down and appreciate these moments more.

This weekend we will be staying close to home. There are fireworks going off constantly at the minute and our oldest dog is terrified. The last time we went to a display we came back to discover she’d chewed through a door frame, gotten into the under-stairs cupboard and raked scratches into half our shoes. This year we’ll be staying in and trying to keep her calm. If you’re heading off to any displays this weekend I hope you have a great time, say some ‘oohs’ and ahh’ for me 😉

How about you? What has made you smile this week?

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2 thoughts on “Happy Days: Halloween, Baking and Taking A Step Back

  1. Wow you’re so busy with your blog, you’re an inspiration to me! I need to find some energy from you! Well maybe in a year or two when I’m used to having two children!! Xx

    Posted on 4 November, 2017 at 8:12 pm
  2. Listening to the kids giggling downstairs while I was doing some school work made me smile today. I love these posts as it does make us reflect on the good things in life. Those bourbon biscuits look yum! #thesatsesh xx
    Hayley @ Mission: Mindfulness recently posted…5 Mindfulness Tips Courtesy of Dr Tamara RussellMy Profile

    Posted on 9 November, 2017 at 9:58 pm