My son has been obsessed with Hot Wheels since he was tiny and has hundreds (if not more) of their cars, as well as countless tracks. Now that he’s getting older though he’s started playing with them a little less and they’re not capturing his imagination as much as they used to. After 8 years of them being a constant feature in our house I thought he was perhaps growing out of them.

Then, at BlogOn back in September, I saw the lovely people from Bladez Toyz demonstrating these Hot Wheels Drone Racerz and knew this was the perfect way to bring the Hot Wheels spirit to the slightly older kids.

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The Drone

You can use the drone on it’s own and fly it around in any direction. It will also tilt and do 360 degree stunts and from the remote you can even make trim adjustments for if it starts to fly off to one side when you don’t want it to etc.

There are LED lights at each corner which can be switched off if you like, but we think they look pretty cool so left them on.

To charge the drone you simply plug it into a USB slot on your computer with the cable provided and it will be fully charged within 60 minutes.

M and L flying the Bladez Drone

The Car

Unlike most Hot Wheels cars this one is plastic, but that’s necessary in order for it to be lightweight enough to work with the drone (we’ll get to that bit next). As you would expect from Hot Wheels though it feels sturdy and robust and the colours and detailing are great.

Hot Wheels car

Drone Racerz

The top part of the car pops off to reveal a clip that you can use to attach the drone, turning it into a drone racer. You can then use the remote to move it around and even send it over ramps and through hoops. The set comes with two cardboard ramps and a loop for you to use but you can use any Hot Wheels tracks you already own. It also comes with a phone stand so you can film your stunts.

Hot Wheels Bladez Drone Racerz

So What Did We Think?

When the box arrived and I handed it to M he was soooo excited, he couldn’t wait to get it open and try it out. The remote requires 4 AA batteries (not included) but we were pleasantly surprised that the drone already had quite a lot of charge on it so there was no waiting around and we were able to get it up and running straight away.

M with his Hot Wheel RC Bladez Drone Racerz

The drone itself is a lot harder to use than you’d think, but in a way I think that’s part of the appeal; if was too easy it would get boring fast. All the buttons on the remote can look a little confusing at first and I have to say we haven’t really tried out the trim buttons yet, but I imagine they will come in handy once you’ve mastered the basics.

There was lots of flying into ceilings and walls to begin with and the cat and dog both tried to catch it but after a few goes we got the hang of it and had great fun.

I struggled getting the drone to clip to the car initially but once it had been taken on and off a couple of times it became really easy.

I did wonder at first if the cardboard stunt set would be too light, especially on our laminate flooring, and thought the car might just push it, rather than go over it. I was wrong though and it worked great. It took a bit of trial and error to work out how far apart to put the pieces in order to make the jump but again I think that’s all part of the fun.

Hot Wheels RC Bladez Drone Racerz

Overall I think its a great set and it’s made my son want to get his old tracks out again and try it out on them, creating some different courses and seeing what tricks he can make it do. You can check out a couple of short videos on my Instagram.

At the time of writing the Hot Wheels Drone Racerz set was available to buy from Toys r Us for £34.99, which I think’s quite reasonable for what you get.

Hot Wheels RC Bladez Drone Racerz Drone and Vehicle Set

Disclaimer – I was gifted this game in exchange for an honest review but all thoughts and opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links in accordance with my disclosure policy.


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  1. This looks so cool, I’m putting one on my Christmas list. #DreamTeam
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  2. Thanks for sharing – this will make a great Christmas gift.#DreamTeam

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  3. Alana, love this review and I love your blog! Really cool images with the product and your son working it. I’m sure he and enjoyed 🙂

    Posted on 20 February, 2018 at 1:10 am