At the start of each month I like to set myself a list of goals for the coming weeks, a monthly bucket list if you will. I’ve found it really helps keep me on track and by publishing it on the blog there’s an element of accountability that gives me the proverbial kick up the butt needed. I like to keep a mix of blog/family/life/home goals to keep life balanced. Each month I quickly recap how I got on with the previous months goals before listing the goals for the month ahead.

Where did the last month disappear to? I swear I only just wrote my goals post for May. I’m starting to get a little more on top of things at home but the blog is still suffering and I need to do something, and fast.

On the plus side, the weather has definitely been better over the last few weeks and we’ve enjoyed some really lovely walks out at the weekends. Fingers crossed it sticks around.

Do you set yourself goals for the month ahead? It really helps keep me on track, check out how I got on during May and my goals for June ...

May Round-up


  • Keith went back to Sea last week so I need to get into a good routine to be able to fit everything in now I’m working, especially when it comes to the school run, making tea and walking the dogs. I kind of have the day to day family stuff sorted but my blogging has been virtually non-existent as I’m just so tired by the time the kids get to bed that my brain doesn’t want to cooperate. Definitely need to work out a way to fit it into my routine that doesn’t leave me burnt out.
  • Start meal planning again. Yes. It fell apart a bit while we were having the windows fitted so need to get back on track with it.
  • Keep up the weekend outings. Yes. At least once every weekend we have managed to get out for a long walk somewhere.


  • The windows should finally be fitted this month. Yes and I LOVE them. The scaffolders didn’t bring enough to reach a small window above the stairs though so they are having to come back next week to fir that one.
  • Sort out the front yard. Not yet, I’m waiting till the window fitters come back and finish up as they still have stuff there.


  • I’m meant to be attending BlogOnX at the weekend but I’m in two minds about it. I’ve loved the last two that I went to but I just have so much less time these days I really feel like I should be spending it with the kids. Either way, I need to make my decision soon. I changed my mind about ten times but in the end I gave it a miss. I was slightly gutted to miss it but I know I made the right decision as I really needed that time at home with the kids.
  • Catch up with my A-Z of Self Care for Busy Parents series. Big fat no. I have a few posts drafted and I know exactly what each one in the series will focus on I just haven’t had the brain power to write them yet.


  • Meditate every day. Yes. I missed a couple of days at the start of the month but that’s it and I feel so much better for it. With the nice weather we’ve been having I’ve even been able to do a few outside and I always feel so much more relaxed.
  • Start yoga again as well as some kettlebells. I’ve done both a couple of times but not with enough regularity, I have been doing squats and calf raises every day while brushing my teeth though.
  • Get back to crocheting. Yes and I’ve made huge progress with the Star Wars blanket. It will be finished next month!

June Goals


  • Try out a few different meals and be consistent with meal planning.
  • Take Michael to the cinema to see the new Star Wars film.


  • Sort out the front garden. The plants are looking a bit worse for wear and I fear they may need digging up and replacing.
  • Do some big decluttering.


  • Get back into a consistent routine.
  • I have four game board reviews outstanding that I must get posted.
  • Toying with the idea of a theme change or at least a bit of a restyle. I’m starting to go off the green so may either get rid of it entirely or tone it down to just a few accents, what do you think?


  • Keep up the meditations.
  • Do more exercise.
  • Finish the Star Wars blanket.

How about you? How did you get on in May? Did you achieve all you set out to? What are your plans for June?

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