I’ve been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award!!!

I have a confession to make. I was actually nominated for this award months ago and am only now getting round to writing it, naughty blogger (slaps own wrists). I was first nominated by the lovely Helen of The Mumatron Blog back in February and then again by super cute Peachy of Diary of a Little Peach back in April. Thank you ladies, I truly am honoured, sorry it took me so long to get it written.

I've been nominated for the blogger recognition award! Find out how my blog started and my advice for newbies, plus who I am nominating

The Rules

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post to show your award.
  3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  6. Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

How Burnished Chaos started

Starting a blog had been on my mind for a number of months before I finally bit the bullet. I had been a full time mum for 7 years at that point and needed a creative outlet that was all mine. Somewhere I could just be me, rather than mum, for a while. For some crazy reason I decided to start at the beginning of the summer holidays 2016, a time when most family bloggers slow things down. I figured I would have lots of days out posts to write to get me going and in the swing of things and I was right. I’ve loved every minute since and only wish I’d started years ago.

My advice to new bloggers

First off, just start writing. Don’t worry to begin with about your style or voice or what people want to read. Just write whatever it is that you want to write. Your style and voice are just you being you, and it may take a few posts before you settle on what it is you really want to focus on in your blog.

Secondly, join linkies but don’t go mad. Linkies were my biggest driver of traffic in the early days and they also introduce you to so many other great bloggers and help you find your place within the community. I went too far and tried to join every linky going though and at one point was joining over 25 a week. It takes me about 40 minutes to do the required commenting for each linky so I’ll let you do the math. It was too much and I had to cut back. Of course this saw my stats plummet and at first I panicked and tried joining more again but I soon realised my time was better spent writing more content and joining a more manageable number of linkies and still having some semblance of a life. I’m now content to grow my stats more organically and sustainably. I find around 14 easily manageable for me and I’ll join more or less depending on what else I have going on that week.

My nominations

This Is Me Now

Surrey Mama

Mission Mindfulness

The Queen of Collage

Two Tiny Hands

The Mum Project

Mummy in a Tutu

Tammy Mum

Whimsical Mumblings

And then there were 2

Muffin Top Mummy

Amy & Tots

Mom of Two Little Girls

Old House In The Shires


If you have already been nominated or don’t want to take part that’s fine, this is just me giving recognition for the amazing jobs you all do with your blogs x

Two Tiny Hands
Run Jump Scrap!
Mummy in a Tutu
Hot Pink Wellingtons

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17 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. I am definitely going to look into this, I tried to nominate myself for a bibs award but filling in the nomination form was too complicated #familyfun@_karendennis

    Posted on 24 May, 2017 at 9:48 am
  2. Ahh! Lovely to read….
    hehehe! Starting blogging when most people take time off is a great idea. I started blogging a month before Christmas 4 years ago but it gave me plenty to write about.
    Aha! I used to join so many linkies too…Too many!
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Planning some days out in Northumberland.My Profile

    Posted on 24 May, 2017 at 6:23 pm
  3. Hi, congrats on the award. Great tips the one on the linkies is spot on, Chloe #bestandworst

    Posted on 24 May, 2017 at 6:49 pm
  4. Thank you lovely! That’s very very kind of you! I love your blog. Xx

    Posted on 24 May, 2017 at 9:42 pm
  5. I have the same problem with linkies. There are just so many good ones out there! But it’s impossible to join them all. I’ve been super busy the last week or so and had to take a step back from linkies altogether. I still have some commenting that I need to catch up on. Hopefully I’ll be back on track next week and linking up some new posts.

    Posted on 25 May, 2017 at 12:17 am
  6. Lovely to learn more about how your blog started. And wow, that was a lot of linkys to join. #sharingthebloglove

    Posted on 25 May, 2017 at 6:35 am
  7. Thanks so much for the nomination. I love your blog too. Honored to be in the company of those other lovely blogs you have nominated.

    Posted on 25 May, 2017 at 7:02 am
  8. Some great advice here. I love posts like this. Just write is probably what I’d advise. Don’t get drawn into comparing and other people. It’s wasted, just do you. #ablogginggoodtime
    Rach recently posted…Don’t Tell Me What To FeelMy Profile

    Posted on 25 May, 2017 at 8:15 am
  9. Congrats and Mazel Tov on this well earned award! xoxo

    Posted on 25 May, 2017 at 4:27 pm
  10. Gosh, even 14 linkies would be too much for me – I find 3 is about my limit! I completely agree with the ‘just write’ advice – I think you can read so much advice out there about ‘finding your voice’ or your niche, but especially when you’re just starting out, I think you just need to get into the habit of writing, and face the fear of putting yourself out there! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    Posted on 25 May, 2017 at 8:08 pm
  11. I do love a good blogger tag. I love finding out more about my fellow bloggers and I agree about the linky thing if you’re not careful they can start to take over! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉
    Imperfect Mum recently posted…#a blogging good time #50My Profile

    Posted on 25 May, 2017 at 8:40 pm
  12. Love this post!!! Thank you so much (again!) I will get round to this at the weekend. #sharingthebloglove

    Posted on 25 May, 2017 at 8:47 pm
  13. Congratulations on your recognition award! I love your advise to new bloggers. I actually feel like I don’t do enough linkies, and I’m just now getting into them and finding new ones. #ablogginggoodtime

    Posted on 26 May, 2017 at 7:15 pm
  14. Thank you Alana! It’s always nice to be nominated!! I might just need to blog a bit more to actually feel like a blogger!! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬
    Karen | TwoTinyHands recently posted…BlogOn #FamilyFunLinkyMy Profile

    Posted on 27 May, 2017 at 7:19 pm
  15. Thanks for the nomination and lovely words hon. I agree about linkers. #familyfun

    Posted on 27 May, 2017 at 9:31 pm
  16. Great advice to just write. It can become all a bit overwhelming when you first start to blog and discover what it really involves. Wow that is a lot of linky’s a week, I don’t even join half of those and struggle to keep up. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove
    Laura – dear bear and beany recently posted…Remembering To Enjoy Those Ordinary Moments…The Ordinary MomentsMy Profile

    Posted on 28 May, 2017 at 10:05 pm
  17. Oh thanks for nomination. Wow that is a lot of linkies! I am not sure I have ever done that many, but I agree they’re definitely a great place to find other blogs! Thanks for joining us lovey #familyfun
    Tammymum recently posted…#FamilyFun…Week 36My Profile

    Posted on 29 May, 2017 at 8:02 am