L is going to be 2 next week (how the hell did that happen so fast?) and obviously thoughts have been turning to getting her out of a cot and into a big girl bed. With M this stage was never a problem, his room is fairly big and we had already purchased a full set of bedroom furniture when he was first born and it all fit in his room along with the cot so he had been used to sitting on the big boy bed every night for stories and was really excited about getting to sleep in it.

Unfortunately for L, being the second child means she has been stuck with the narrow box room. Just fitting a cot and a wardrobe and little bit of toy storage has been a real challenge and we are worried that when we put a bed in there it is going to take up most of the space, so we need to be really careful about our choices to keep the room bright and fun and not cramped.

In what seems like perfect timing, George at Asda are running a challenge (#GeorgeousRoomChallenge) for parent bloggers and their children to come up with their dream bedroom with an imaginary £400 to spend on their range. Obviously I just had to give it a go. There are so many amazing products in the range we were spoilt for choice, but we somehow managed to whittle it down and here are our choices:

If you hover over the pictures they are all labelled and priced.

I absolutely LOVE teal and pink together. In fact, whilst I was pregnant with L, I crocheted a pink, teal and white blanket for her that would match perfectly with everything I have picked out above. In total, all of the above came to £365, although I would probably buy a few more of the storage boxes for under her bed and possibly some for inside the bottom of the wardrobe too in order to maximise the use of space. L will be getting some play food and pots and pans for her birthday so the little playbox kitchen would be ideal. It did receive some criticism for being smaller than expected but at H60 x D39 x W60cm it’s actually perfect for L because of the limited space available and it does double duty as a place to store all the kitchen bits and bobs as well as using as a play kitchen.

Taking part in this challenge has got me really excited about creating a big girl room for L, although I think I’ll hold off until after the summer!

The challenge is open until 5th August so if you have a blog and want to have a go at this yourself just follow this link. If you want to have a look at what some other bloggers have come up with just head over to twitter and look for #GeorgeousRoomChallenge.


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2 thoughts on “Bedroom Makeover with George at Asda

  1. Great choices! So cute. We have a small room issue at home. Clever storage is the way forward along with smaller ‘big’ toys like the playbox kitchen #BloggerClubUK

    Posted on 3 August, 2016 at 9:07 pm
    1. Thank you, small rooms can be a challenge but they can still be pretty x

      Posted on 3 August, 2016 at 9:50 pm